HeliaSol turns buildings into clean, green-electric solar power plants. It can be used on several structural surfaces. The solar film has an adhesive on the back, which makes it easy to stick onto the surfaces. With integrated connecting wires, it can be attached and used instantly.

HeliaSol is the ideal retrofit solution where weight limitations, static load constraints or roof material penetration are significant. Development of substructures, penetrating the roof or rear ventilation is not needed for this application.


Easy Installation

HeliaSol has an integral back adhesive and can be conveniently attached to the desired construction surface. You do not need a particular installation tool or substructure. On-demand, HeliaSol may be attached, to different materials, such as metal, concrete, diaphragms, glass, bitumen and the like.

There are only a few steps for quick installation: 

  • Prepare the area for installation
  • Place the film on the surface
  • Remove the back adhesive liner
  • Arrange the solar film with a roller
  • Take off the front protective liner

Please note that in compliance with the user guide, an approved professional must perform the installation.


HeliaSol Installation Step 1
HeliaSol Installation Step 2
HeliaSol Installation Step 3
HeliaSol Installation Step 4
HeliaSol Installation Step 5


Because of its unique layer structure in the solar film, it made up of plastic films and a very thin organic photovoltaic layer. Therefore, HeliaSol has a total weight of very low less than 2 kg per square metre. In contrast, traditional solar modules weigh about 15-20 kilograms per square metre, often with a metal substructure. 

In addition to the benefit of using surface areas with low static load power, the low weight of HeliaSol offers easy management of installation, transportation and distribution. A set of 24 films, which have been rolled up and packed in a space-saving arrangement, weigh just over 40 kg.





HeliaSol can be bent up to 20 cm vertically and horizontally. (Don't bend simultaneously in two directions). This enables you to use on circular rooftops or curved surfaces in a way that has not been possible in the past for green power generation.



There are just a few hundred nanometers of the organic layer in HeliaSol. As a finished product, it has a thickness of less than 2 mm and a joint box of less than 2 cm. Thus, the solar surface can be completely incorporated without altering form or thickness into the application surface.


Truly Green

HeliaSol is a technology that enables 100% renewable solar power to be produced. It is a true green commodity-focused on the greenest of all solar technology and is one of the smartest generating technologies for electricity.  


HeliaSol Installation Materials

Technical Data

Specifications HeliaSol® 436-2000 (preliminary data)
Technology Organic photovoltaics
Power classes 50 W; 55 W
Dimension L:W:H: 2000 mm x 436 mm x 1.8 mm (Height including junction box 18 mm)
Appearance Solar film with opaque solar area and black colored edge; central junction box with cables
Weight < 2kg/m2
Surfaces Metal, Concrete, Membrane, Glass, Bitumen (other surfaces upon request)
Certification IEC 61730, IEC 61215
Warranty 5 years product warranty, 20 years performance warranty




Material Compatibility

HeliaSol can be glued to different surfaces such as metal, concrete, membranes, glass, bitumen, and others upon request.

Easily installed on to different materials

  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Membranes
  • Glass
  • Bitumen